Into the Green

RW&CO Top, Zara Shorts, Aldo Bag, Anne Klein Sunglasses

I’m absolutely in love with summer now that it has finally graced Vancouver with its presence. Not even the heat can make me complain, but I must admit that it does get a little unbearable when I’m at work in my all black ensemble. Thus, on days when I get to kick off my heels (literally!), I take full advantage of it and opt for a trusty pair of shorts and a breezy top such as this one (it has certainly become my uniform these past few weeks).
I wore this outfit to school on one particular sunny, hot day last week. I love going up to my campus despite the long trek up there. It’s just breathtakingly beautiful amidst the snow-capped mountains. It was one of those perfect days for lounging outside in between classes, and I did just that. I guess the only thing that I like about doing a summer semester is getting to experience the season up on campus; other than that, I haven’t exactly been¬†committed to it… oops. I’m sure other students can agree though. On that note though, I suppose I should be making more of an attempt to at least pretend that I’m focusing on school, so I’m going to try and work on that assignment which is due tomorrow (and haven’t even remotely started doing). So, until next time then. Have a great week everyone!
Thank you for reading!


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