by tanyacolaco

I am a self proclaimed tea fanatic, which is ironic because I love spending my time in coffee shops (which do sell tea, but that’s besides the point). That’s why when Stir Coffee House opened up in the heart of my little town I couldn’t help but be excited and intrigued. It’s such a trendy little spot which fits perfectly with the “downtown” area in Ladner that it’s a shame I don’t spend more time there. In any case, I finally managed to have a coffee date with my lovely friend Bella, and I enjoyed every sip of my Soy Chai latte! They made it very traditionally with lots of bold spices and tons of character (just the way my mum makes it), so I was very impressed that they managed to stick to some Indian roots. I take my Chai seriously afterall, haha. I’d definitely recommend dropping by for a cup of coffee if you’re ever in the neighbourhood! The drinks are delicious, the ambiance is perfect, and the staff is awesome! What more could you want?

Thanks for reading x0x