G-Men Ramen

by tanyacolaco


Ramen is probably one of my favourite foods to eat, hands-down. I never pass up the opportunity to grab a bowl of this delicious goodness. So, one night, when Perry and I were especially craving Ramen even more so than usual, we decided to check out this place called G-Men Ramen in Richmond since we did not feel up to making a long trek out to Vancouver that particular evening. 

At first, we were skeptical, but you can really tell a place is good based on their line up. I think a general rule of thumb I usually follow is this: Line Up= Good, no Line Up= Bad. So, safe to say, I already had some good expectations for my culinary experience, and boy, I was not disappointed.

What was on the menu:

Red Chili Miso Pepper/ RCMP Ramen
Beef Tataki

The Verdict?

The beef tataki was refreshing, the takoyaki was delicious, and the RCMP ramen was a flavour explosion in my mouth. I just have to say, they did not skimp on the spiciness, but at the same this it was a good balance of spice and flavour. Usually, when something claims to be spicy, it is often a let down, but we were decently surprised to have a bold, spicy component to our dish. All in all, my belly was very full and very happy. 

The only problem now is that when I go back, I can never bring myself to try any of the other Ramen on the menu, haha. That RCMP ramen really knocked my socks off. I would definitely recommend checking out G-Men Ramen if you’re looking for an inexpensive, but delicious morsel. 

Thanks for reading as always, and stay hungry!